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Cost of Attendance (COA)

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Cost of Attendance (COA)

Cost of Attendance (COA)Your choice of college can be based on many things, including program of study, location, school size and reputation. All else being equal, what you pay in loans or out of pocket to go to college may be one factor that helps you decide between schools. 

Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimated cost of the expenses at a particular college. Some schools refer to it as a budget. A school's COA usually includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and an estimation of personal expenses.

The school's COA includes a limited amount of expenses of which are estimated and reflects only one year of school. Your budget or spending plan should be very detailed and include all your expenses and income.

College Costs includes more than just your tuition and fees. Using a school's Net Price Calculator can help you understand how much you'll need to save, how much your family can be expected to contribute and your eligibility for federal financial aid. You can get an estimate based on your individual situation of how much each college in Georgia will cost using each institution's Net Price Calculator.


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Use a College Funding Forecaster to estimate the total college expenses for you and your family and make a preliminary plan for paying them based on your financial aid packet.