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Test Prep

Class of 2021 High School Seniors: SAT or ACT scores are required for Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility. There’s still time to register and take the exam!


Registration: April 8; Exam: May 8
Registration: May 6; Exam: June 5
See more information and register for the SAT exam on the CollegeBoard website.

Registration: March 12; Exam: April 17
Registration: May 7; Exam: June 12
See more information and register for the the ACT exam on the ACT website.

Standardized assessments or tests are often required when applying to most types of postsecondary education, whether you plan on attending a two- or four-year college or joining the military. Make sure you understand which test(s) you need to take.

There are numerous businesses that will charge to help you prepare for the test of your choice, but remember there are free sample questions for each assessment and Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides assistance with a variety of subjects for free.

Regardless how you prepare, don't allow this process to stress you out. Reward yourself with candy for correct answers as you review, include study breaks and stretch your limbs to release tension.

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