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Application Procedure for the REACH Georgia Program

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Application Procedure for the REACH Georgia Program

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All Scholars are selected as 8th-grade students by participating REACH School Systems in the spring of a student’s 7th-grade year or fall of their 8th-grade year. School Systems have a rigorous application process to select Scholars. Students interested in participation should contact their participating school for information. School Systems select Scholars by the following process:

  • Qualify according to the federal income eligibility guidelines.
  • Nominating qualified students to apply. Nominations can be made by counselors, principals, superintendents or anyone else within the school system who is able to identify students most in need of the REACH Scholarship. We encourage you to nominate anywhere from eight to 20 Scholars.
  • Requiring nominated Scholars to fill out the REACH Student Application which includes an academic recommendation and community recommendation.
  • Reviewing student packets (nomination form, proof of financial need, citizenship/residency requirements, grade/attendance/discipline reports, etc.).
  • Interviewing all eligible students by a student selection committee. The student selection committee members differ in each school system.

School Systems

Interested school systems should:

  • Complete the REACH Scholarship Program application, including detailed descriptions of how program requirements will be met, including, but not limited to how the system will:
    • Identify the REACH Coordinator.
    • Establish a mentor program or utilize an existing local program.
    • Identify the Academic Coach to monitor Scholars’ academics, behavior and attendance as well as their transition from middle school to high school.
    • Develop plans to engage the community and sustain the program financially and programmatically (note: school system must raise a portion of scholarship funds for the second cohort of REACH Scholars and thereafter).

School systems interested in participating in the REACH Georgia Scholarship Program should contact the REACH Staff.

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