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Course Directory

The Dual Enrollment Course Directory is a list of the approved courses at eligible participating postsecondary institutions for Dual Enrollment funding, beginning with the Summer term. 

Approved Course Categories

The approved eligible course categories include:

Core academic areas: English, math, science, social sciences and world (foreign) languages (the same categories used in the high school HOPE Scholarship calculation for academic eligibility).

CTAE (Career, Technical and Agricultural Education) courses that align to a GaDOE Career Cluster and Pathway.  

Eligible courses per category are determined by the first two digits of the high school course number. 

Approved Course Categories for Dual Enrollment Program funding 

Approved/Eligible Categories High School Course Code Numbers Course Type
Agriculture 01, 02, 03 CTAE
Automotive/Heat & Air/Mechanical 47 CTAE
Business/Management/Marketing 06, 07, 08 CTAE
Communication Technologies 10 CTAE
Construction Technology 46 CTAE
Education 13 CTAE
Engineering and Technology 21, 49 CTAE
English/Language Arts 23 CORE
Family and Consumer Science 20 CTAE
Government/Public Administration 29 CTAE
Graphic Arts/Precision Prod/Welding 48 CTAE
Health Sciences 25 CTAE
Information Technology 11 CTAE
Mathematics 27 CORE
Military Science 28 CTAE
Personal Services 12 CTAE
Public Safety 43 CTAE
Science 26, 40 CORE
Social Sciences 45 CORE
World Languages 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 CORE

Eligible courses and categories are based on program regulations. Courses are submitted by the participating colleges to GATRACS and approved by the Georgia Department of Education. 


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