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Dual Enrollment Funding Application

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Application Procedure for Dual Enrollment

Postsecondary Institution (college) Admissions Application

Students must apply for admission to the postsecondary institution before completing the Dual Enrollment funding application.

Dual Enrollment Funding Application

To apply for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment funding program, after selecting "Apply Now," select the application based on the year you plan to participate:

Each academic year’s application is valid Summer semester or quarter, Fall semester or quarter, Winter quarter and Spring semester or quarter.

In February, the upcoming academic year application is released for terms beginning with Summer term.

Click here to view a tutorial video of the application process.

Students attending a Georgia eligible participating public or private high school must complete the online Dual Enrollment funding application.

Students attending a home study program must complete the online Dual Enrollment funding application.

First, the Georgia home study parent/guardian official must create a GAfutures Education Professional account for the name of the home study program. The Georgia Home Study Program parent/guardian will receive an assigned HSP#, to provide to the student prior to completing the annual online Dual Enrollment funding application.

Application Steps

  • Once you have completed your portion of the application, your parent/guardian must electronically complete the Parent Participation Agreement section of your application.
    • Provide your parent/guardian’s email address.
    • Parent/guardian may visit DE Parent Agreement to electronically sign the agreement.
  • Your eligible participating high school counselor must approve your Dual Enrollment courses and funding application.
  • You must be accepted by the college. The eligible participating college must approve your Dual Enrollment courses and funding application.
  • Parent receives an email to complete the online acknowledgment
  • The high school/home study program must initiate the application process and select approved courses from the Directory.
  • The college must complete the application process by selecting the equivalent college course from the Directory.

Be advised: You must complete an Admissions Application for the college(s) you would like to attend for approved Dual Enrollment courses.

Application Deadline

Students should complete the Dual Enrollment funding Application prior to enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses for the new school year. 

The funding application for Dual Enrollment must be completed by the high school and postsecondary institution no later than the last day of the postsecondary term, semester or quarter or the student's withdrawal date whichever occurs first.

Check with your high school and postsecondary institution which may set earlier institutional deadlines each term, semester or quarter.



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