Georgia Student Finance Commission

Award Amounts for the HOPE Grant

HOPE & Zell Miller Grants

Award Amounts for the HOPE Grant

Award Amounts

The HOPE Grant award amount will cover a portion of a student's tuition. Please review the HOPE Grant Award Amounts to determine your award amount.

Award Limits

A HOPE Grant recipient is ineligible for the grant if the student has:

  • Earned a baccalaureate degree; or
  • Received HOPE Grant payment for more than 63 semester or 95 quarter hours; or
  • Received payment from any combination of HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, HOPE Grant, and, through Summer term 2011, Accel Program funds totaling 127 semester (190 quarter) hours of credit,
    • Dual credit enrollment hours for which a high school student received HOPE Grant payment are not included in these totals.