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My College HOPE Profile

HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships

My College HOPE Profile

The new My College HOPE Profile feature on GAfutures allows you to check your academic eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, HOPE Grant or Zell Miller Grant while in college. Your college provides GSFC with the academic transcript information used to determine your academic eligibility.

My College HOPE Profile includes:

  • Your academic eligibility to receive HOPE and Zell Miller funds
  • Your college transcript data for the HOPE and Zell Miller Programs
  • Your HOPE GPA, Checkpoints and Attempted Hours
  • Calculation Eligibility Rules

You can access your My College HOPE Profile through your GAfutures account. Don’t have an account? It’s quick and easy to create one! GAfutures accounts are secure and do require your Social Security number and date of birth in order to provide you access to your protected academic data. 

My GAfutures - Screen Shot

An example of a My GAfutures account homepage. Access My High School HOPE GPA and My College HOPE Profile from the left-side menu.

My College HOPE Profile - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I eligible for the HOPE Scholarship?

A: Once GSFC receives your transcript data from your college, your My College HOPE Profile will display your academic eligibility. Your college will determine final eligibility based on all eligibility requirements for the HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, HOPE Grant or Zell Miller Grant.

Q: When will my HOPE funds be disbursed or on my account?

A: Check with the financial aid office at your college. Your My College HOPE Profile does not include award and disbursement information.

Q: I’m transferring to a different college. How do I know if I’m eligible for HOPE?

A: If you are transferring to another HOPE eligible college or university, after you have completed the admission application process, the college can access your College HOPE Profile information and determine your eligibility. Be advised, you must provide your college transcript(s) from any previous college to your new college.

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