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Class of 2021 Update


Class of 2021 Update


SAT/ACT, HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship Information

Class of 2021

On March 12, 2021, Governor Brian Kemp signed Executive Order, extending the deadline for students who will graduate in the Class of 2021 to submit a qualifying test score to receive the Zell Miller Scholarship.  Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order, students in the Class of 2021 now have until June 30, 2022, to earn a qualifying test score.  Learn More

High School HOPE/Zell Miller GPA Calculation - UPDATE: Information is provided about how grades including a Pass/Fail option are used in the High School HOPE GPA Calculation.  Learn more

College HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Calculation: Information is provided about how grades, including a Pass/Fail option, are used in the college level HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Calculations.  Learn more 

Financial Aid and FAFSA Events

The Fall schedule for the GSFC Outreach team can be found here. You may also schedule an individual appointment -  Find your designated representative according to your county of residence to schedule an appointment.

We encourage students, parents, and colleagues at high schools and postsecondary institutions to review the GAfutures website for additional information and connect with us via phone 800-505-4732 or email:


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