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Q: Why are some of the images not displaying properly in GAfutures?

A: GAfutures recently underwent system upgrades. If you are having trouble viewing images (images are missing or not displaying correctly). Please refresh your cache by pressing both Ctrl and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard.

Q: How do I create my account?

A: To create an account on Click "Create an Account," at the top of the home page. Create a Username and Password (you will use this to access your account, submit applications check your HOPE GPA record, etc.) Be sure at the bottom of the screen to read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy then click on Create Your Account.

Q: Where can I find my HOPE GPA?

A: To check your HOPE Grade Point Average (GPA) from high school: Sign in to your GAfutures account. Be sure your Profile has your correct high school, SSN, date of birth and zip code. Click: My HOPE GPA link on the left hand side of your my GAfutures screen. Next, using the Navigation Alphabet, select the alphabet letter for the beginning of your high school's name and click on the box. IF that does not help, check with your high school to verify your transcript has been processed to GSFC.

Q: Why am I getting "Invalid data" message when applying for Dual Enrollment?

A: Your profile information in your GAfutures account is either incomplete or does not match existing data on file. Sign in to your GAfutures account and check your Profile information to make sure your date of birth, SSN, and ZIP code are correct and your high school is listed on your Profile. Then try completing the Dual Enrollment funding application again. Also, try changing your browser to Internet Explorer and clearing your browser history.

Q: I had STARS/SURFER access and now I don't. Please help.

A: You may not be entering your correct username and password. Contact your school's Institution or District Administrator to check your account and rights.

Q: How do I report technical issues that I am experiencing while using GAfutures?

A: If you are having trouble accessing pages/systems within GAfutures ( STARS, SURFER, Error Messages etc), please click the green “Contact Us” button located at the bottom of this page. Next, select the “Web page or web link failure to load properly option” from the “Please select the support area” drop down. In the comments section of the form please give a detail description of the issue that you are experiencing.

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