Georgia Student Finance Commission


Participation Agreement for Dual Enrollment

Scholarships and Grants

Participation Agreement for Dual Enrollment

High School Participation

All private and public high schools must execute a Dual Enrollment Four-Year High School Participation Agreement in order to participate in the Dual Enrollment program. 

Home Study Program Participation

The Home Study Participation Agreement can be found with the Dual Enrollment funding application and must be completed each term the student participates in the Dual Enrollment Program. The GSFC assigned Home Study code will be provided upon receiving a completed, approved and signed funding application. The assigned code does not change and is to be utilized by each student attending the home study program.


Submit all Participation Agreements to GSFC by one of the following methods:


Mail      Student Aid Services
              2082 East Exchange Place
              Tucker, GA  30084

Student applications and award invoices cannot be processed unless the high school, home study program and postsecondary institutions' Participation Agreements are in place for the academic year.