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HOPE GPA Calculation

A student's High School HOPE Scholarship GPA is not the same as his or her high school GPA. The major difference in the two calculations is that the High School HOPE Scholarship GPA includes only grades earned in the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, social studies and foreign language.

Georgia Department of Education’s (GA DoE) high school core and foreign language courses that begin with the following prefixes will be included in the HOPE GPA calculation: 23 (English), 26 (Life Sciences), 27 (Mathematics), 40 (Physical Sciences), 45 (Social Sciences), 60-64, 66 (Foreign Language). There are some specific courses, as indicated on GA DoE’s Fourth Science List, that may also be included in the HOPE GPA calculation.

All grades earned for attempted coursework in the core subjects during the student's 9th through 12th grade years that could be used to satisfy a core curriculum graduation requirement, according to the GA DoE, is equated to a grade on a 4.0 scale, where an "A" equals 4.0, "B" equals 3.0, "C" equals 2.0, "D" equals 1.0, and "F" equals 0.  

From that core coursework, any weighting added by the high school is removed, then half a point (0.5) is added back to Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Dual Enrollment (DE) degree-level core course grades of B,C,D, and F only (maximum of four points per grade).    

Honors coursework is not weighted. The High School HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation will count all attempts of the same course, if taken more than once.

A student's final High School HOPE Scholarship GPA will only be calculated if he or she has first met the Academic Rigor Requirements applicable to his or her high school graduating class.

Students may check their high school HOPE Scholarship GPA by creating and signing in to their My GAfutures account.

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