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April 2020 Edition


Financial Literacy

April is Financial Literacy Month


National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in April to highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach young adults how to establish and maintain healthy habits. In order to raise general awareness of the topic, various financial literacy programs have been launched on a nationwide basis to help students better manage their finances.

In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, GAfutures will be highlighting the College Money Matters Module. College Money Matters focuses on helping future, current and former college students be better equipped to make smart financial choices.

Starting from choosing a major that will support a desired lifestyle, to choosing a college that fits a student’s financial situation, to the process of paying and applying to colleges, to knowing how to repay any money borrowed, College Money Matters is filled with resources to help student’s get financially fit before, during and after college.


Celebrating Award Recipients


GSFC administers almost 20 programs to help students across the state pay for their postsecondary education.

Students who benefit from the financial aid programs GSFC administers come from a multitude of backgrounds and life experiences. What they do have in common is a boundless appreciation for the many opportunities for financial aid that Georgia provides.

Learn about just a few recent Award Recipients and how their particular program award made a difference for them, their families and their futures.


Savannah Whitmire HOPE Scholarship 

Zion Brown HOPE Scholarship 

Kelli Kemp HOPE Scholarship 

Guy Gober Zell Miller Scholarship 


If you would like to share your story about how a GSFC-administered program helped you, fill out this webform or fill out this form and send it to


Training Opportunities


Remember, GSFC’s outreach staff is available year-round to conduct FREE training's, workshops and information sessions across the state of Georgia.

Over the last year, GSFC’s outreach team has incorporated online live webinars.

Topics include:

  • State financial aid programs (HOPE, Dual Enrollment, etc.)
  • Transcript Exchange
  • FAFSA Completion
  • Overview

Visit the Outreach module to learn more about the GSFC’s outreach team what services are provided.

Contact Your GSFC Representative

Contact your outreach representative to schedule your training, or contact our offices:

Phone: 770.724.9000 Toll Free: 800.505.GSFC

K -12 email:

Postsecondary email: