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March 2021 Edition

Will Vaccinated Educators Return to Ventilated Classrooms?


Augmented reality showing how increased fresh air blowing into the room and the filtered air coming from the air cleaner help to further dilute the contaminants as they spread in the space.To assist with a return to face-to-face instruction five days a week across the state, on Feb. 25, Governor Brian Kemp announced that preschool and K-12 school employees would be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting March 8.

Newly eligible people can start signing up at

“Virtual schooling is leaving too many children behind,” Kemp said. “We must have every student back in the classroom five days a week statewide. Moving forward, we cannot delay full in-person learning any longer. Our children cannot afford to wait until fall.”

Once students return to classrooms, steps still must be taken to reduce the risk for in-school transmission of the virus. That should include practicing social distancing, wearing masks and according to a recent New York Times report, the added ventilation of open windows.

Experts agree that good ventilation is the most effective and practical way to rid a space of contaminants as fresh air dilutes it as it moves around a room.

QR tag code“Simple and inexpensive measures can make schools much safer,” said Scott E. Frank, whose engineering firm JB&B joined with the New York Times to create simulations showing how contaminant levels are at their lowest with just an air cleaner and a fan.

You will need the Instragram app to experience an augmented reality that you can apply the space you are in. Open the camera on your device and point to the QR tag.


Award Recipient - Kacey Barksdale-Jones


Kacey Barksdale-JonesWhat are you going to be when you grow up?

That question is posed to adolescents across the state of Georgia, but few respond back with a researched answer like Kacey Barksdale-Jones.

“I am going to become a dentist,” said the Langston Hughes High School junior. “Kacey Barksdale-Jones, DDS is how my name will appear. I love the idea of helping others with their smile.”

“I am so proud of Kacey and excited for her career choice of becoming a dentist,” said her mother Janise Barksdale. “I am extremely confident that anything Kacey sets her mind to, she’ll accomplish it!”

One of Kacey’s latest accomplishments is acceptance to the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society for earning Dean’s List honors at Georgia Military College. As part of the state’s Dual Enrollment program, she plans to graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree in Biology.

“Taking advantage of the dual enrollment opportunity will save my mom lots of money because I would have taken some of the required credit courses for free whilst attending high school,” said Kacey. “With intentions on earning my DDS, it was ideal for my career trajectory that I acclimate and start attacking my academic workload as soon as possible.”

That workload has included college courses in Public Speaking, Microeconomics, and Human Growth and Development. Kacey is successful now, but her mother positively recalls a moment of stress.

“She and I were excited initially, then she became overwhelmed stating, ‘Mommy, I have ten college assignments due next week and that doesn’t included assignments for high school.’” said Janice, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her Master’s in Social Work. “I was familiar with being overwhelmed with academic assignments and explained to Kacey that all she needed was a plan.”

That plan started with a slight adjustment that required Kacey to move each day.

“I was logging online from my bedroom and after a month, I noticed a decrease in my participation during class,” said Kacey. “I decided to take my mom’s advice and go sit at my desk for virtual class. Just making the modification to sit upright shifted my ability to focus and engage.”

Kacey’s ability to manage her time starts with a plan for the week, breaking down times to complete each assignment and adding it to a master calendar to keep everything in order.

“After having a visual and seeing that there is more than enough time to complete the assignments in the time frame she had, I saw the distress slowly fading away,” Janice said. “Once Kacey realized she could manage her schedule accordingly, she has soared like an eagle.”

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