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Application Procedure for the Student Access Loan

State Loans with Cancellation and Forgiveness Options

Application Procedure for the Student Access Loan

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Application Procedure 

Applicants who are selected for funding have 14 calendar days once approved by the postsecondary institution to complete the required promissory note, disclosures and self-certification.

  • The first selection of applications will be current HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship recipients and prior year SAL borrowers in good standing. The following selection of applications are processed first come, first served and are based on available funds.
  • Selection does not guarantee approval and applicants may or may not be selected each application year.
  • SAL is an annual process which includes application, selection, certification, approval, and disbursement.
  • If you apply for this loan, you understand that this is a private education loan that must be repaid and cannot be combined or consolidated with federal loans.
  • Borrow smart! When applying for a loan, request only the amount of funds needed for your educational costs and that you can repay.
  • Your eligible postsecondary institution may decline the loan or certify for a reduced amount based on financial aid status.
  • Loan disbursements are sent directly to the student's chosen eligible postsecondary institution and are not transferable.

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